We know everybody is talking about WhatsApp Hacking nowadays. So here in HACKAGON, we came up with the Spamming idea by adding a JavaScript Code Snippet in the WhatsApp Web by which we can automate the number of messages to send on the respective chat of particular Friend/Group by using WhatsApp Spammer Code.

WhatsApp Spammer

What Is WhatsApp Spammer ??

In simple words we can say that by using WhatsApp Spammer JavaScript Code Snippet, We can send any number of messages to our any WhatsApp Contact/Group without taking the effort of writing and pressing the send button for a particular message again and again.

WhatsApp Spammer JavaScript Code Snippet

// for send function to select input
function dispatch(target, eventType, char) {
var evt = document.createEvent(“TextEvent”);   
evt.initTextEvent (eventType, true, true, window, char, 0, “en-US”);

// enters input and clicks button
function send(msg){

// For Loop to spam. Edit “i<500” to customize

    send(“Let Me Spam You ” +i);

Steps To Use Above Code For WhatsApp Spamming

  1. Open your WhatsApp Web.
  2. Open the respective chat of particular Friend/Group.
  3. Copy the above given code and paste it into your Notepad so that you can edit it for the number of message repetitions as you wish.
  4. Edit the For Loop in code and put the number of messages you want to send/repeat (Here I’ve used “i<500” so the receiver will receive 500 messages ) and you can also edit the message string as you wish.
  5. Now just right-click on the WhatsApp Web and opt for Inspect Element/Inspect or Simply hit the F12 button.
  6. Copy paste the edited code on the Console & hit Enter.
  7. Done!!

Go easy on the Number of Repetitions, As this might crash your Friend’s/Victim’s Phone & WhatsApp.

Note: – This guide is only for knowledge purpose and shouldn’t be used for any illegal activities as we are not responsible for anything happens with this.

So, we hope that we provided the best WhatsApp Hack to have fun with your friend’s. And if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and always feel free to drop a comment below if you have any query or feedback.

Whatsapp is not an app, it’s a habit nowaday. People are so much addicted to this shit that if their WhatsApp crashes, they’ll get a small heart attack.

Crash Someones WhatsApp Remotely Hackagon

There is a new bug in WhatsApp that could allow anyone to remotely crash most popular messaging app just by sending nearly 4000 emojis to the target user/friend and till now 1 Billion users are affected by this bug. Also, you can make any WhatsApp group dead with this bug.

Now the question is How to Crash Someone’s WhatsApp Remotely??

Whatsapp your friend with just a message containing nearly 4000 smileys and the friend will suffer from a crash everytime he/she opens the message. Whether it’s WhatsApp Web or the mobile application, and it requires no specially crafted method or coding.

Now let’s understand the bug!!

In WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp allows 6550-6600 characters, But after typing about 4200-4400 smiley/Emoji, Browser starts to slow down. But since the limit is not yet reached, so WhatsApp allows to go on inserting & when it receives it overflows the buffer and it crashes.

Last year WhatsApp crash bug required 2000 words (2kb in size) message in the special character set to remotely crash WhatsApp messenger app. but after this discovery, the company patched the bug by setting up the limits of characters in WhatsApp text messages, but unfortunately, it failed to set up limits for smileys send via WhatsApp.

This recent WhatsApp bug tested on Android devices by multiple brands and caused the WhatsApp crash. WhatsApp for Android devices including Marshmallow, Lollipop and Kitkat and also the WhatsApp Web for Chrome, Opera and Firefox web browsers are affected by this bug.

Now lets’s see how to stay secure from this Bug!!

The best way to protect ones WhatsApp is the deletion of conversation when such message is received. If you become a victim of such message on WhatsApp, just open your messenger and delete the whole conversation with the sender. However, remember, if you have kept some records of your chat with that particular friend, you’ll end up losing them all.

Note: – This guide is only for knowledge purpose and shouldn’t be used for any illegal activities as we are not responsible for anything happens with this.

This trick will be famous and users will be vulnerable until a patch is released by the Facebook Inc. Hope you like this article. So, don’t forget to share it with your friends and also feel free to drop a comment below if you still face any kind of problem.