SMS Bomber

Prank your Friends by Sending continuous messages to them with SMS Bomber. As of in many situations, you want to disturb or irritate your friends or relatives. So in that case, you need this post to bombard the messages on their cell phones inbox.

sms bomber

So, for bombarding messages on your behalf, an amazing SMS Bomber is developed by WIZBLOGGER group. You can make victims cell phone flooded with messages by entering their phone number in the form of their website.

How to use SMS Bomber:

  1. First of all, Visit the website by clicking on SMS BOMBER.
  2. Now, enter your Friend’s Phone Number there.
  3. Then, enter number of SMS as much as you want to send (Maximum 100 SMS per Time).
  4. Then Click on SUBMIT button as shown in the screenshot below.

sms bomber

Features Of SMS Bomber:

  1. Completely free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to bomb your friends/victims.
  2. Super fast speed. Even if you send 100 SMS it will take only a few seconds to complete the request
  3. Works awesome. No delays in between SMS.
  4. Works on DND activated sim also.
  5. Works on all Indian mobile numbers.
  6. Can send up to 100 SMS per go.

Some Rules for using the facility: For the security reasons, you need to follow the following rules:

  • You agree that you will not use this trick for any illegal purpose.
  • You can only send max 100 SMS to one person.

Note: – This guide is only for knowledge purpose and shouldn’t be used for any illegal activities as we are not responsible for anything happens with this.

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