Whether you’re a HACKER or a Normal Person, chatting is a familiar habit for everybody to deal with. But sometimes the so-called insecurity factor come forth and we want to maintain anonymity in our chat. So HACKAGON will show you the way to create your own Hacker Style Disposable Chat Room that destroys itself when the chat’s over.

Disposable Chat Room

Steps To Create Disposable Chat Room:

  1. Visit https://hack.chat by just clicking on it.
  2. Add a “?” and a String of text to the URL. For example, https://hack.chat/?HACKAGON will create a Disposable Chat Room named “HACKAGON” (You can use whatever name you want).disposabe chat room hackagon
  3. Then it’ll ask for your nickname to chat with, So Enter a nickname whatever you want and you are ready to chat.
  4. Share your personal chat room URL to anyone you want to talk in private.

There are no channel lists kept anywhere, so random people won’t show up in your hack.chat. Formatting is possible with LaTeX markup, too. A chatroom can be disposed at any point after the completion of chats.

Creator of “hack.chat“, Andrew Belt, a student at the University of Tennessee, promises that no message history is kept on the hack.chat servers, so random channel names can be created for purely private discussions without worrying about privacy.

Enjoy with your own Hacker Style Disposable Chat Room. Chat in Private and also stay genuinely anonymous.

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