“GHOST SQUAD HACKERS TOOK DOWN CNN WEBSITE” On Saturday of April 16th, the Anonymous collective, Ghost Squad Hackers DDoS’d CNN’s website into oblivion and remained down until the following day. The group has been in contact with The Last American Vagabond for the month of April so far, and have given us scoops on some of their recent hacks, including a massive dox release on the Israeli Defense Force in an attempt to shed more light on the Zionist/Imperialist agenda that is decimating the Middle East.

Ghost Squad Hackers Take Down CNN Website

Having a conversation with HACKAGON, A member of Ghost Squad Hackers, an Anonymous-Affiliated Group told us that the group Targeted CNN websites in the response of the silence of Palestine.

Take a look below at Hacked CNN Website

cnn website hacked

Message to CNN: http://www.cnn.com.br/ #TangoDown #GhostSquadHackers ~ CNN your security has been breached by Ghost Squad Hackers. We’ll make sure the media outlets that matter receives the message ~ We are Ghost Squad Hackers Expect Us, … or don’t.

Claiming that the Mainstream Media is dying and obsolete, Ghost Squad shared in their communication that they had an utmost respect for independent and authentic media and that this was the inspiration for their attack on CNN, part of what they are calling, Operation: SILENCE or #OpSilence. Ghost Squad stated that they intended for this to be just the beginning–highlighting Fox News as the next target–that the Mainstream Media has become one of the biggest and most blatant oppositions towards citizens, with its funding from the same corporate elitists that are funding the political campaigns of practically all politicians in office in some way. They also questioned why more so-called Anons were not seeking this type of expression and activism, seeming to imply that at the Ghost Squad, they shared our sentiments of confusion by the recent actions of other Anonymous factions. This begs speculation of how much the Anonymous movement has been divided by things like disinformation, convoluted personal agendas, and even Government Intelligence connections.

Through our communication, The Last American Vagabond has come to believe in the authenticity of the Ghost Squad Hackers. The Vagabond does not know anything about these hackers other than their collective’s basic info, but the idea of these hackers being Government Intel or some type of computer-bot is entirely implausible at this point, the only room for possibility left being that one can never rule anything out entirely.

Thus far, the Ghost Squad has been entertaining with their traditional hacker smugness and confidence, and here at the Vagabond, we are increasingly intrigued by the hackers’ unfolding plan. Hopefully, this could mark a change in how hacktivism and hackers interact with the media. It is time to cut out the corporate middleman of the mainstream and go right to the citizens who are ready and deserving of real activism and real information, and this means dealing with independent media. As well, it is time to hold higher standards and a greater sense of accountability for hackers calling themselves “activists”–because a great deal of these people using these altruistic terms seems to have very personalized agendas.

As an afterthought, #OpSilence could certainly be considered by skeptics as an infringement on the Freedom of Speech, but realistically, these are the rules of Man and not of Nature. One has the Freedom of Speech, as far as Natural Law goes, until someone decides to revoke that freedom from them, and this is often something that is decided simply by the whim of the majority. Today, there is an increasingly overwhelming amount of American citizens who are completely fed up with the heavy slants and spins given to the information that is paid to make its way into their living rooms–and things like Bill O’Reilly’s “No-Spin Zone” is something so insidious and discredited that it is physically sickening to watch. The point of the matter is this: only when looking at the fight from the angle of the Elitist is this an infringement of free speech, and in reality, this is the reclamation of free speech. The Freedom of Speech was infringed upon when Corporate America took their citizen’s media and information away from them and began distorting it with their monetized agendas.

While there surely should have been better methods for handling this in the past, it is quite possible that the direct approach the Ghost Squad Hackers are taking could be one of the only approaches left when dealing with the outright collective disease that the Mainstream Media has become.

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Anonymity is a very big issue for a Hacker to save his ass from the Authority/Victim. If a hacker can somehow get in a system under the antivirus’s nose it is very likely that S/he will get caught if the antivirus scans the system for malicious files and connections. Protecting oneself is more important than exploiting the victim. So Let’s learn to Disable Antivirus In Remote PC.

As Installing Antivirus Software on the computer is an excellent way to deter Hackers, Conversely, Disabling Antivirus Software is an excellent way to exploit a system without leaving any Footprint.

Disable Antivirus In Remote PC

Why To Disable Antivirus In Remote PC ??

Disabling Antivirus and Firewall in victim’s PC are the necessary tasks for any Hacker to take care of because the next time the system is scanned by the victim’s antivirus software, it’s likely to detect our listener and disable it, so we need to take preemptive action to disable it before it can disable us.

Logic Behind Disabling Antivirus

Antivirus Software’s are designed in the way that nobody can shut it down by simply closing it from the tray icon or by it’s GUI. If you have an antivirus on your computer, try to close it from the tray icon or the GUI. You’ll see that it asks you to confirm your action. Now open up task manager and try to kill the antivirus process file (something like avg.exe), you’ll find that now no questions are asked and the antivirus process is killed instantly. That’s because the admin has more control over the system than the antivirus, which is exactly what we’ll use to carry out this hack.

How To Disable Antivirus In Remote PC ??

Meterpreter is the utility which gives us complete control over the system. We can send commands to install a keylogger, jump to other computers on the network, look through all the files and directories, start and close programs at our will and tons more. Here, we’ll focus on the commands to Disable Antivirus Protection.

Steps To Disable Antivirus In Remote PC

Step 1# Getting Started: First of all, we need to escalate our privileges. Usually, when we hook up a listener (Meterpreter) on the victim’s system, the listener have the same privileges as the user. Nowadays, By default, all the latest operating system’s are giving reduced privileges to the user to make sure that the user cannot tamper with important files/folders (like system32) and to add another layer of protection from Hackers. To carry out this hack we need admin (or sysadmin) privileges.

Meterpreter listener embedded

Remember! Writing this tutorial we assumed that you’ve already embedded a Meterpreter Listener on the victim’s computer.

Step 2# Get the user ID: Before attempting to increase our privileges, let’s check to see if we’re already the admin. so that we can get straight to the Hack.

Type: meterpreter > getuid

Now this should return the ID of the user currently logged in. Depending on the OS this statement gives different results but we’re looking for are the keywords like “admin”, “sysadmin”, “authority”, “system”. These are bound to be associated with an account with admin privileges. Chances are that we’ll get something else not similar to this so, in the next step, we’ll take care of that.

Step 3# Escalate Privileges: Metasploit and its Meterpreter make it simple to escalate privileges to the sysadmin.

Type: meterpreter > getsystem

Escalate Privileges

You’ll notice that Metasploit responds with something like “…got system (with technique 1)” if everything went as planned. There are multiple inbuilt functions that Metasploit uses to try to increase privileges when ‘getsystem’ command is sent. It simply tries out all of them to see which one works.

Step 4# Check That Are we Sysadmin: Now that Metasploit has told us that it has escalated our privileges to sysadmin, let’s make sure.

Type: meterpreter > getuid

Check That Are we Sysadmin

One of the most common returns to the getuid after this command is Server username: NT Authority\System and this is what we’re looking for ideally. But if you get any of the above keywords, that’s just fine as well.

Step 5# Kill The Antivirus: Now as we have the power of admin. Let’s kill the antivirus of the victim. And For that purpose, Metasploit has a Ruby script called killav.rb which looks for any antivirus process that is running to shuts them down. It works on almost all of the antiviruses so we can be reasonably sure that it’ll do the job. (If it doesn’t, we could alternatively look for running processes and try to kill them manually).

Type: meterpreter > run killav.rb

Kill The Antivirus

You should see an output like “Killing Antivirus…”

Killing Antivirus

We’re Done. . .The antivirus is taken care of and can no longer interfere with our further activities. Ideally, you want to make sure that you’re hidden before trying out any hacks.

Note: – This guide is only for knowledge purpose and shouldn’t be used for any illegal activities as we are not responsible for anything happens with this.

So, we hope that our readers will maintain their anonymity and stay safe. And if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and always feel free to drop a comment below if you have any query or feedback.