Ghost Squad Hackers Leaked Personal Info Of Israel Defence Forces


Ghost Squad Hackers Leaked Personal Info Of Israel Defence Forces

“Ghost Squad Hackers Leaked Personal Info Of Israel Defence Forces”. The first attack of #OpIsrael started in 2013 when certain branches of the Anonymous hacker collective decided to launch coordinated cyber attacks against Israeli websites on the eve of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, which that year fell on April 8.

Ever since then, the group has been launching similar operations each year, on the same date, and in a recent statement posted on one of its websites, it has said it will continue in 2016 as well. In spite of the fact that, this year, Holocaust Remembrance Day is on May 4, the attacks will still take place on April 7.

Talking to HACKAGON, A member of Ghost Squad Hackers, an Anonymous-Affiliated Group, told that the group Hacked and Leaked Information of Israel Defence Forces at “

In the leaked information dox, they provided a release of 8,000 IDF family members Phone numbers, Full names and 10,000 personal emails they’ve also included 1000 Israeli IDF soldiers facebook accounts, Israeli Air Force Facebook accounts, and Israeli border Police/Patrol Facebook accounts, And Credit Cards belonging to Israeli IDF family members and IDF soldiers. They have also provided Commanders of Israeli Air Force, Commanders at Israeli Defense Forces. This Data release is in retaliation to the ongoing slaughter and genocide and atrocities committed on the Palestinian people, by the Israeli government set out to conquer Palestine in imperialistic methods of genocide.

Below Are The Sights Of Some Leaked Data.

Important Israeli Targets

Israeli Air Force Pilots and gov Officials list

Israeli Border Police and Patrol

1000 IDF Soldiers

Israeli Credit Cards leaked

Israeli phone number emails leaked

Watch the group’s most recent video on Isreal Cyber Attack here at HACKAGON and follow the conversation across social media at #OpIsreal.

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